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"Since beginning to use Cannabis Oil I feel calmer and more rested."

Official Diagnosis

Age / Sex:  64 year old Female

Location: Georgia

About The Cannabis Medicine(s)

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Treated With Cannabis Extracts

Dosing The Cannabis Medicine(s)

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In Her Own Words

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

"I found out about Cannabis medicine through my brother in California."

  • Triple-Negative metastatic breast cancer

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

  • Chemo and related drugs
  • Xanax

"Reoccurring cancer. Anxiety, unable to sleep without Xanax. Tired from treatments."

Before Cannabis extracts

"The Cannabis Oil is homemade but I do not know the specifics or potency."

After Cannabis extracts

"I'm sleeping better and off of the Xanax. I cannot afford enough Cannabis Oil to use to treat the cancer itself."

"A rice-sized dose of Cannabis Oil at bed time."