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Specially made suppositories.

  • T2A Bladder Cancer

"Bladder was 95% full of tumors."

"Researched online. The Truth About Cancer site, and Alyssia Sade's book Taking Control."

"The tumors are visibly gone."

Official Diagnosis

"I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in June of 2016. I was completely surprised that I was 95% full of tumors. OMG ⚡️ what an awakening!

PROTOCOL: I was told that standard protocol for Bladder Cancer this aggressive and mean was to immediately remove my bladder and be faced with wearing a bag or other options that I wasn't ready to accept. I immediately started researching alternative ways to deal with this other than surgery since chemotherapy nor radiation are effective for this this.

NUTRITION & CANNABIS: We found that a lack of nutrition was mostly to blame for cancers and we discovered that cannabis does indeed kill cancer cells and NOT healthy ones. We also discovered that cancer is fed by sugar and that a massive change in diet was in order if I wanted to become cancer free and stay that way! One of the most important sites to read would be http://thetruthaboutcancer.com. I highly recommend you go there! Watch the video documentary series. It's very informative. Great people, great testimonies, etc.

ESSIAC TEA: We next began taking Essiac Tea. If you've not heard about it, it's a Tea made from four different roots. It was passed on from an old Indian medicine man to a nurse in Canada named Rene Cassie. The name Essiac comes from her name spelled backwards. I get mine from Amazon, but make sure that you use the kind that you have to boil and let set overnight. 

NUTRITION CONTINUED: In reference to nutrition I have found that the absolute best way to get massive organic whole foods into your body is through taking JuicePlus concentrated food capsules. Simply put it goes way beyond juicing and gives you incredible nutrition. When we were in the midst of changing our diet we found that it was super difficult to get enough good organic greens, vegetables, fruits and berries into our bodies. We found that taking these capsules fills the gap of what we can eat and what we really need for our bodies to function properly and to heal our immune system. We also learned that the testing and requirements to grow the JuicePlus products naturally go way beyond organic. I'll guarantee that 98% of people don't get their 8-13 servings of fruits and veggies a day! It's nearly impossible! When you're fighting cancer you really need more than that, so I double up! This has done the trick. You can learn more you on this site: http://bit.ly/2emmTOh 

CANNABIS OIL: I have been taking massive doses of Cannabis Oil in suppository form. By doing this you bypass the liver and you don't get high! The dose that I am taking is HUGE! It goes way beyond what you can buy at the local dispensary down the street here in Oregon. You could never be able to smoke or ingest as much as I do four times a day! I have mine specially made since the ones that we first started with weren't strong enough. The Cannabis definitely kills the cancer cells and not the healthy ones! I have had three surgeries now to clean out the tumors in my bladder. When I first started I was 95% full! Now, seven months later, Nothing visible! We now move on to our final phase of treatment for my particular type of symptoms called BCG Treatments. We just began six weeks of this right after Christmas and will continue throughout January. Were getting there!! 😃 And super thankful for all we have learned.

MENTAL & SPIRITUAL: I'll tell you now it's a whole lot easier fighting cancer with lots of love ❤️, support and prayers! 🙏 I found that meditation and reading the word is also vital to healing. A positive attitude and NEVER SAYING "I have cancer" are very critical for me. I choose to say I am treating cancer SYMPTOMS! Not that I have cancer. I sincerely hope this can benefit someone. "

Age / Sex:  59 year old Male

Location: Oregon

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