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"First "grain of rice" sized dose of Cannabis Oil had me very sleepy and comfortable. I worked up to one gram per day orally and one gram a day rectally. I also vaporized about seven grams of bud throughout the day and made suppositories. Each cocoa butter suppository contained 1/3 gram of Cannabis Oil taken three times daily."

"Weak and bedridden with no appetite. Constant pain in my throat, left side (spleen?) and right side (liver?) and constant discomfort in my digestive tract. Extreme insomnia."

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

About The Medicine(s)

  • Aspirin 325 mg (once daily)
  • Cardizem 30 mg (as needed)
  • Levalbuterol inhaler (as needed)   
  • Propafenone 150 mg (three times daily) 

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treated With Cannabis Oil

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

Official Diagnosis

Before Cannabis extracts

Dosing The Medicine

"I had already began a raw organic 98% plant based diet, but wasn't healing quick enough. I had heard about Cannabis Oil but initially thought, "hippies are just trying to get Cannabis legalized" but after watching Run from the Cure on YouTube, I decided to research more closely. After stumbling onto a minefield of truth, a good friend sent me ten grams of Oil, free of charge, to get me started. After my first dose (and finding out what "too high" felt like, lol), I immediately felt much better. After my scans revealed my tumors had literally melted away, my oncologist wanted to know what natural therapy I was doing, so I told my oncologist (Dr. Dwight Kaufman) how I was treating it. My oncologist threw a fit and I fired him. I am still taking one gram of Cannabis Oil per day, to this very day."

Age / Sex:  40 year old Male

Location: Tennessee

"No pain. The last scan showed the tumors were all gone and my strength returned by 80% (the Cannabis Oil makes me tired but comfortable). My appetite returned and I have minimal digestive discomfort."

"I made my own oil from Critical Kush and Critical Cure. Made sure buds were bone dry; 200 proof food-grade ethanol used as solvent. Buds and alcohol frozen. Three minute wash on buds (three different washes). Solvent mixes boiled down in rice cooker, then decarboxylated on coffee mug warmer for 12 hours until oil reached the "correct" consistency."

After Cannabis extracts

"Initially, I learned about Cannabis Oil from "Run from the Cure" but didn't like the idea of using toxic carcinogenic solvents being used. My friend Jack Kungel woke me up to using food-grade ethanol as a solvent and the rest is history... "

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In His Own Words

August 16th 2012: Squamous Cell Carcinoma originating in right tonsil stage T3 (146.0) with METS to right side lymphnodes and liver stage N3, M1 (149.0). Also presented with cachexia (799.4) and also had YEARS of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (427.31) and chronic asthma (493).