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Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient Breaths Easier With Cannabis Oil

"The doctor told my grandfather he could have THC if he went through chemo. He went through one round, the cancer was still growing quickly. They gave him Marinol. It increased his appetite and that's it."

Official Diagnosis

"Secret Facebook groups. Also the American Israeli Cannabis Association ( ), studying the work of professors."

Dosing was 0.5 - 1 gram administered via vaporizer daily

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"My grandfather was very sick. His health was spiraling out of control. The doctor told him that he could go through chemo and radiation but it was pointless, that he had two months to live. "

"He started a schedule of vaporizing Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) several times a day. Within two weeks his cancer was in full remission. He has been continuing his treatments and is still cancer free to this day, two years later."

  • Small Cell Lung Cancer: Stage 4

In His Own Words

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"My Papaw is alive! Full Extract Cannabis Oil saved his life!"

Age / Sex:  84 year old Male

​State: Tennessee

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"​I don't have details but it was provided by a well respected Oil maker. I will try to get this information uploaded soon."

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