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Official Diagnosis

"The only reaction I had using the Cannabis Oil topically was after several weeks I got hives on the spot and itched. It went away when I quit the oil and my spot healed and is non visiable at this time!"

"Personally I believe if there is a way to use a natural, God-given plant, herb, etc. to heal and help ourselves, it is always far better than a synthetic drug."

After Cannabis extracts

Dosing The Medicine

"The first thing I tried was Frankincense Oil on the spot on my hip. I applied it a minimum of twice a day. The spot shrank by at least 50% in a few weeks time. During this time I heard about the Cannabis Oil and began to produce my own. I then used the Cannabis Oil on the spot on my arm, covered with a band-aid, changed out with fresh oil each day for six weeks. I may have used it longer than necessary because in the beginning it looked like a raw, open blister and looked that way for all those weeks, mainly I think because the air did not get to it. I quit applying the Cannabis Oil because my arm became itchy and red, almost like hives all around the spot. After not applying the oil and letting it go without a band-aid, it scabbed over and cleared up and it is gone and has not given me another bit of trouble. I also applied it to my spot on my hip, it reduced it in size further; it is still about half the size of an eraser and is very light colored and has not changed in months. I may do another treatment with the oil on it, not sure. I am not convinced it is/was melanoma. From my research it appears it could have just been a benign vascular growth. Either way I believe that the Cannabis Oil made a huge difference with both spots."

In Her Own Words

"My sources of help came from the Facebook group Cannabis Oil Success Stories as well as Amy and Darren Miller facebook pages."

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

Before Cannabis extracts

About The Medicine(s)

"Skin cancer. I went to Dermatologist for confirmation, although I would not let them do a biopsy so there is no "official" diagnosis. I had a spot on my hip, that appeared all of the sudden. It had different colors, irregular shape, all the markings of melanoma. It was the size of maybe a butter bean. It was raised up off skin. I also had a flat spot on my arm that always seemed to be irritated, especially when it got sun. It became inflamed, and crusty. The Dermatologist said my arm spot was definitely either squamous or basal carcinoma and from just looking at my hip spot, it most definitely looked like melanoma. His advice was to remove them asap. I said I would think about it and left. He was very short with me, almost angry. I had no intention of doing biopsies on either. It is my belief, from all I have researched and also experienced with others, that once you start cutting into the cancer, it spreads. Anyone I know who has had skin cancer cut out is continuously going to the doctor to have it cut out. I wanted to try some natural methods first."

Skin Cancer Treated With Cannabis Extracts

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How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

Age / Sex:  58 year old Female

Location: Georgia

"I made my own Full Extract Cannabis Oil using 100-proof alcohol."

"I applied the Cannabis Oil topically once a day, only used a small amount to cover the skin lesion and then covered with a band-aid."

The only other medicine I applied was Frankincense Oil for a few weeks.