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Sharing your success story will benefit other patients contemplating whether or not they should try Cannabis as a primary treatment for their health issues. Collecting Cannabis Oil Success Stories was the main focus of the Facebook community that I began, and each person who found the Group was likely made aware of Cannabis medicines by someone else's story. Sharing stories is the best way for others to find out about the medicinal benefits of Cannabis.

One example of really paying it forward is this success story from the Cannabis Oil Success Stories Facebook group. The book details the couple's journey treating T2A bladder cancer with Cannabis Oil and diet change. Written by the patient's wife, it is truly and inspirational story and has been inspirational to many who are about to begin their own journey healing with Cannabis Oils.  

If you would like to submit before and after photos, scans or doctor's notes, please email them to jonmarsh@thecannabisconsultants.com and they can be added to your story. Thanks again for paying it forward!

By simply inputting your information in the form below, I can create your Success Story and share it the same day in most cases. The first step is up to you, we'll take the rest of the steps to make sure your success is shared to help others in need of guidance and encouragement. Thank YOU!


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Taking Control by Alyssia Sade

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