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"I use a variety of Cannabis strains and mix them: Bubba Kush / 9 Pound Hammer/ Chernobyl.

These are mixed and heated with coconut oil to make an infusion that is stored in a dropper bottle."

"I woke up one morning with a swollen finger and actually thought I rolled over on it at night and sprained it or broke it ,after days of icing it with no results of getting relief I went to the Dr who tested me for Rheumatoid Arthritis."

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

In His Own Words

Official Diagnosis

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Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"Half of a dropper full of the Cannabis-infused coconut oil every few hours or as needed when i get a flare up"

"I started with 800 mgs of Ibuprofen, then Prednisone. I didn't get much help from those two so my doctor wanted to go with Methatextrate. After looking into that drug I decided that one was not for me."

"Ive taking Turmeric and Noni pills in the morning and then start micro-dosing my Cannabis-infused coconut oil in the afternoon and its been under control with no inflammation."

"Through various web sites. Cannabis Oil Success Stories on Facebook is my go to site for information."

Dosing The Medicine

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

After Cannabis extracts

Age / Sex:  56 year old Male

Location: Hawaii

"Best thing I've used for sleep, anxiety and Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. "

Before Cannabis extracts

About The Medicine(s)

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated With Cannabis Extracts