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Age / Sex:  50 year old Male

Location: California

Twenty-seven medications were used from 1995-2013 to try to control severe refractory epilepsy (back-to-back grand mals, non-medically treatable/pills didn't work.) At the time of the initial CBD/Full extract use in Sept. 2013 I was on five AEDs, three Benzos, and pain medication."

Refractory General Epilepsy Treated With Cannabis Extracts

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  • Full Extract Cannabis Oil @ 64% THC 10% CBD 8% CBN 1-3 ml daily depending on when ingesting.
  • Full Extract CBD Oil @ 26% 1/3 ml daily or 6 drops twice a day of Bottle of Love CBD extract
  • Cannabis Extracts, vaporized: 1/4 gram daily
  • Cannabis smoked: 1/2 gram every other day
  • Cannabis edibles: approximately 100 mg daily

"Since 9/8/2013 I have not had a grand mal seizure and no longer have a positive reading on EEG (Brain wave testing); seizures moved quickly from severe to minor to none within the first weeks of treatment using Cannabis Oil.

My Hodgkin's Nodular Lymphoma went into full remission within 90 days of the diagnosis in 2015, while my DLBC NHL has morphed to lesser forms of this radical growth type of Lymphoma. At first it metastisized into both the clavicle (collarbone) and into the brachial plexus (large nerve located below it) causing severe pain and flaring on PET exams, making it appear that Cancer was ongoing throughout 2016. Only now in December are they figuring out it's nerve metastasis that's going to take years to heal, if ever (nerve sheaths generally don't heal)."

"Smoking Cannabis provided comfort but did little to cease the seizures. Recorded over 100 seizures in a 5-night sleep study (EMU) 2003 original DLBC diagnosis, treated conventionally, recurrence into Stage 4 low."

"My choice to use Cannabis Oil wasn't an easy one to make. As a non-attorney representative for kids in special education disputes, I had to take a serious look at how my clients and the administrative law courts would react. The initial reaction was as I thought - not good at all. I was both thrown off cases and blocked or fired by parents that didn't want a 'pothead' to represent them. This effected how I 'came out of the cannabis closet' on social media. Once I did, I did so without turning back and have absolutely zero regrets to this day for speaking out boldly.

Without Cannabis, I would be dead, as would many of my child clients, both in special education and in a compassion program I voluntarily direct. It's our right to use nature and my life is a testimony that the use of nature over pills is the difference between living and existing; the difference between life and death. I used to read stories about people with cancer getting better and wonder if they were true, and now I'm a walking success story; daily as I use Cannabis Oil and my oncologist watches in amazement as all tumor growth within lymph nodes has ceased and is gone. Nine points of surgical concern in Nov 2015 are now NONE! Severe Epilepsy? After 40 months of no Epileptic seizures, I often forget I even have it!"

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  • Severe Refractory Generalized Epilepsy w/Status Epilepticus Events
  • Hodgkins Nodular (Full Remission)
  • DLBC NHL Diffuse Large B Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (Currently has morphed into an unknown slow growth Lymphoma - B Cells diffusing at remissing rate, no locality aka not generalized in any one lymph node) Metastasis to bone, Nerve sheath due to above "

"I had a 'status event' or a series of grand mal seizures one morning in early September 2013 and tore two of my abdominal muscles. Needing surgery I was unable to eat solid food or do much - including smoking Cannabis, which eased a life filled with seizures. A roommate from Korea kept telling me "Michaelson, you can't eatatall" running the words together it was so frustrating to hear this! Late that night he came to my room and knocked, telling me he had a Chinese herb and I canteatatall once again! Okay I thought and took about a dozen of these dried up resin looking tabs and took with water. Day after day I'd do this and it would fill my stomach. I didn't think much about not seizing, I was in so much pain everything I did was done with care to not cause the onset of one.

One day I was so tired of the little herb balls that I threw the big bottle in the garbage. "Henry" or Foo Yung, my roommate, saw this and came running to me. "Canneatatall" I told him to spell it... Cannabidiol is what he was saying. I knew it was a cannabinoid so I Googled immediately and, low and behold, who do I see? Of course...little Charlotte Figi. I realized at that moment I had my hands on the stuff the little girl in Colorado was using to not seize anymore. I grabbed that bottle and took what seemed like a handful of those little pellets!

The next day I woke up and noticed a mattress I used to lay next to my bed was still in it's upright position at the end of my bedposts;I'd lay it down so when I seized out of bed every night I'd land on it. I guessed that since my ab's were torn I didn't roll out, I wasn't sure. That marks the day that I last remember what an Epileptic seizure is like. I've had a few withdraw seizures and even a status seizure from withdraw but the EEG's are negative - it's non epileptic activity anyone addicted to all the medications they had me on would have when quitting. The likes of opiates, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates were in the mix of the daily diet of 4 dozen pills. Those days are over..the seizure days are over."

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