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In His Own Words

"Cannabis saves my life everyday. I lost over 100 pounds, from 350 to 220, which is my normal weight. Cannabis Oil is the best mood stabilizer for me;

I don't eat from depression anymore and it controls my anxiety. It helps my sleep apnea, keeps the weight off and my mind healthy."

"Service-related PTSD. Five tours of duty with the State Department in Iraq as a civilian expert and counter narcotics work in Mexico."

Dosing The Medicine

Age / Sex:  48 year old Male

Location: Pennsylvania

"I make my own Cannabis Oil with Everclear, and mix the Cannabis Oil with coconut oil which I put into capsules. I use about a 15:1 ratio and take one capsule in the morning. This acts generally as a mood stabilizer and I smoke for immediate anxiety relief when necessary."

"I had federal medical clearances and secret clearances for my deployed positions. When I returned home and was diagnosed with PTSD my 15-year government career ended."

After Cannabis extracts

"Cannabis is the ONLY medicine that works for me. When I was forced to stop due to a court order recently, my mental state deteriorated and I suffered a pretty dark time. Cannabis helps me to compartalize my issues and deal with them calmy and with consideration. I don't cycle into the unrelenting anger that occurs when I can't use Cannabis. "

About The Medicine(s)

Before Cannabis extracts

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

"When I returned home I began reading about the Veterans suffering and knew I had to get involved. I'm alive because 16 soldiers protected me daily through sniper fire, IED attack, and rocket fire. I began lobbying and advocating in Pennsylvania with an advocate group here. I attended rallies, press conferences, seminars, industry events and spent two years becoming a legal expert in Cannabis regulation and with my background as a psych-bio major, I understand the science as well. My mission is to educate and dispel the stigma associated with this healing plant."

Official Diagnosis

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"I take one capsule per day of the 15:1 ratio coconut oil/Cannabis oil mixture. I could probably increase that to two a day for better success if I could afford it."

Service-Related PTSD Treated With Cannabis Extracts

"Zoloft made me hypomanic and aggressive, and it cost me my marriage and estrangement from my child. My doctor also tried Risperadol and that made me really sick. I was committed by my family for four days because of my choice to use Cannabis, and was drugged with six different psychotropics. When I was released I made Cannabis Oil, took a large dose and my body purged all those chemicals by vomiting. I can't explain that, but I felt better."

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis