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Worldwide Successes Using Cannabis Medicines

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"I take one drop of Cannabis Oil per day, about the size of a grain of rice, in the evening before bed."

"I learned that instead of narcotics and other damaging and addicting drugs, Cannabis could take their place and be more efficient and less harmful in many cases."

In His Own Words

After Cannabis extracts

Before Cannabis extracts

"Besides self medicating with booze and drugs, I took Advil, aspirin, Motrin and other similar pills;  all upset my stomach. Thorazine and Valium were also two prescriptions I tried but didn't continue taking".

"I was overweight, drinking and eating too much, with high blood pressure. I had pain from arthritis and digestive problems from medications. I self-medicated with booze and drugs to combat the nightmares and sleep problems from my PTSD."

Age / Sex:  68 year old Male

Location: Michigan

Dosing The Cannabis Medicine(s)

"I make my own Full Extract Cannabis Oil [FECO] using high THC Indica strains of Cannabis. I crush the buds/flowers then soak them in 151-proof Everclear grain alcohol for at least two days, shaking the jar each time I walk by. I then strain the plant matter out and use the Green Oil Machine [alcohol distiller / essential oil maker] to finish the Oil."

Official Diagnosis

Combat-PTSD Treated With Cannabis Extracts

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"My blood pressure is down to its lowest since 1969. The nightmares from the PTSD are gone, and I sleep a solid eight hours or more, each night. The arthritis pain in my spine and knees reduced five to ten percent across the board, my PTSD is much more manageable on every level, and I am able to exercise regularly and keep my weight down."

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

"I started smoking Cannabis in Vietnam and continued after I got out of the service. It helped then with what is called PTSD today; and it helps now. I started using the Cannabis Oil when a friend told me it might help with my arthritis, and it has helped with arthritis, sleep issues, PTSD and more."

About The Cannabis Medicine(s)

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

  • Arthritis [Knees / joints]
  • High Blood Pressure
  • PTSD from ground combat in Vietnam
  • Sleep problems / Nightmares
  • Spinal Arthritis [Severe]