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Age / Sex:  61 year old Male

Location: Michigan

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Prostate Cancer Treated With Cannabis Extracts

Before Cannabis extracts

"The Cannabis Oil was made by a family member using 190 Everclear and flower tops. I took the oil and made my suppositories as best I could with organic coconut oil. Oil has been illegal in the MM state because of a court ruling until just recently. Each batch would probably test out differently depending on the strain used, it's potency, and the way I made them."

"One pill for reflux." 

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"Suppositories were half of a gram twice a day. Worked full time in a zero-tolerance environment until I started chemo and I was delighted that there was no high with the suppositories. For the chemo side effects, I built myself up to ingesting half of a gram a day, twice a day, and might even have eaten a little more on the real bad days. Stopped the suppositories because of diarrhea induced by the chemo."

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  • Advanced Prostate Cancer. Gleason Score of 9*

Dosing The Medicine

"The description used by my doctors before and even during treatment was "robust" and I never had a symptom."

*Expanded overview

After Cannabis extracts

"Advanced Prostate Cancer - Gleason Score 9. Diagnosed February 4th, 2016 and started Cannabis Oil suppositories at a half-a-gram twice a day. Prostate removed 3/14/2016. Follow up PSA test showed the cancer had spread - Doctor is a member of a team from the University of Michigan Medical Center. My doctor also referred me to Mayo Clinic, I was accepted (cancer had spread, I'm young, and cancer was likely to be the cause of my untimely death) and put on the waiting list. Immediately started testing to locate cancer and ultimately failed. Dr. recommended "Standard of Care" at U of M. I refused, told him I would wait for Mayo (Mayo has a PET scan for prostate cancer that no one else in the world has - C11 PET Scan and the Dr that invented it and some other treatments - Dr. E. Kwon). Got lucky and scored a cancellation and made it out to Mayo right after the Fourth of July. They found my cancer. It had spread to my lymphatic system - left side, mostly, from my pelvic area to my neck; systemic. Dr. Kwon prescribed a treatment that had both hormone therapy and chemotherapy. Very aggressive chemo therapy, and I accepted. I kept up the half-a-gram dose, twice a day right up until the chemo made suppositories impossible (diarrhea). I then started oral ingestion just during the worst of the side effects of the chemo (it's a Godsend for that!). Half way through my treatment, I went back out to Mayo to see if the treatment was having any impact, and the cancer was gone. Undetectable. As was my PSA. Dr. Kwon and his team (as is my doctor and my oncologist) were absolutely stunned. They all are aware of my use of Cannabis and we have since talked about the hows and whens, etc."

"Towards the end of my chemo, my oncologist was amazed at how healthy I was in spite of an intense chemo regimen that, according to her, she was the only doctor in her group that would oversee such a treatment. I am having/had plenty of side effects and am still healing from it all, but I had only lost about five pounds five,

a good appetite, almost no nausea, lost my beard, but not all my hair, feet and fingers were sore, but not raw, and developed no mouth or throat lesions. She wanted to know how this could be and I told her that I wasn't taking any of the other medicine prescribed, but just ingesting Cannabis Oil during the worst days of my chemo side effects. I also told her that they at the cancer center should be pushing it's use a good deal more because how wonderful it was - making the difference between tolerating the chemo and having it over power me."

"There is no way I will ever know for certainty that it was the Cannabis that produced such unexpected results, but what else could it be? My PSA dropped after the initial post surgery test and the PSA out to Mayo. That, too, was unprecedented. And the only deviation from the standard treatment was the Cannabis - on all accounts."

"A good friend ( RIP Shirley) who lived a good year longer than any doctor had expected, and her daughter, turned me on to the Cannabis Oil Success Stories Facebook group. I downloaded several studies off the 'net, and went to a face-to-face consult with a doctor that specializes with Cannabis here in Michigan. "