"I am pushing 80. Not exactly the pot generation. No experience. No hesitation to try. The illegality concerned me. Cannabis Oil has been a godsend. It should be available to all, not controlled by big Pharma & the government."

"No prescription medications, just vitamin supplements."

  • Prostate Cancer: Approximately one+ gram per day for 45 days
  • Terminal Melanoma: One gram per day for 90 days
  • Maintenance: Approximately 3-4 grams per month

After Cannabis extracts

About The Cannabis Medicine(s)

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"From a video "Run from the Cure" suggested by our daughter."

Age / Sex:  79 year old Male

Location: United States

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"We have no idea of the strains of Cannabis that were used and had no way to test the Cannabis we sourced from the street."

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"The full strength dosage was not easy to do. Life is limited to dosing, and sleeping. Even maintenance leaves one lethargic for a day or so. But we'll worthwhile to keep cancer free!!"

​Cannabis Oil Success Stories

Worldwide Successes Using Cannabis Medicines
  • Prostate Cancer: 2011
  • Terminal Melanoma: 2013

In His Own Words

Prostate Cancer / Melanoma Treated With Cannabis Extracts

Dosing The Cannabis Medicine(s)

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How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

Official Diagnosis

"My husband, at 79, had no serious health issues, took no medications. He's retired, but still had good physical stamina & strength; walked a couple miles daily, practiced yoga. Blessed with good genes. His mom lived to be 101, still maintaining her home. He does have macular degeneration, which he kept at bay for 25 years with supplements."