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"Mostly just using topical, initially 3-4 times per day, massaged directly onto damaged discs and facet muscles"

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"As a Shamanic Practitioner I found the Lyrica medication terrible; I could not meditate due to it dumbing down my nerves and brain. It was like being stuck in a grey fog, it also caused insomnia. Initially smoking a high CBD strain I got immediate relief in pain and slept very well. It allowed me to tolerate the pain during the day with maybe only a occasional Ibuprofen. Once I switched to the topical I ceased smoking and am getting rapid relief from pain on bad days and otherwise I can feel the swelling is down. The improvement after two months was incredible, my discs are still obviously damaged but no swelling or inflammation means little pain. The biggest revelation is the healing of the hypersensitivity of my heel, this has given me back the ability to walk around on hard surfaces where before a trip to the supermarket resulted in me being in a lot of pain. "

Before Cannabis extracts

"Smoking a strain of Cannabis called Devil Fruit. Also Channel+Topical is made from 100 ml of organic coconut oil, 4-5 grams of organic beeswax and 1.5 gram of Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil."

Prolapsed Discs L4/L5 & L5/S1

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Prolapsed Discs Relieved With Cannabis Extracts

  • Ibuprofen
  • Lyrica 

"I Googled many sites and forums and connected to others who are healing themselves with this most powerful healing plant medicine. "

"Initially I smoked and got instant relief from pain and slept well. Since switching to a topical I am regaining feeling in my leg, have greatly diminished pain and the hypersensitivity in my heel has gone and is just numbness now, which has been the biggest relief."

Age / Sex:  48 year old Male

Location: Ireland

"Severe spasms which required ambulance rides and hospitals. Severe aching pain around discs and facet muscles. Numbness down my right leg, back of thigh & calf. Hypersensitivity in the heel causing neuropathic pain, causing difficulty walking on hard surfaces. Difficulty sleeping."

What are Prolapsed Discs?