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"Numerous pharmaceuticals with little to no relief."

Before Cannabis extracts

Age / Sex:  Female

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  • Pancolitis Ulcerative Colitis

"I was only able to eat five well-cooked, well-blended foods. Unable to digest foods, resulting in blood, mucus and high inflammation results for two years."

After Cannabis extracts


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Dosing The Medicine

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"TJ's, which is an 8:1 CBD oil. Available in Oregon and Washington state. It is a coconut oil base and made from a plant owned by the company."

Pancolitis Ulcerative Colitis

Treated With Cannabis Oil

"TJ's is an absolute game changer. At the time we began treatment, TJ's had a compassionate cannabis program for kids. I highly recommend reaching out to them to learn more about how to obtain their oil. It made a direct and immediate impact like no other."

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

Morning: Five drops of Cannabis CBD extract and ten drops of Hemp CBD extract.
Evening: Fiver drops of Cannabis CBD extract and ten drops of Hemp CBD extract.

"After two weeks of using both Cannabis and Hemp, I started swapping Hemp for Cannabis, drop for drop, until we were just using 14 drops of Hemp CBD extract in the mornings and evenings. The last two inflammation results were normal, taken three months apart. We've seen no symptoms since starting this protocol."

"Lots of research. I found projectcbd.org extremely helpful. I already read a study where mice with induced ulcerative colitis were given Cannabis CBD and within four hours there was a notable change/healing/sealing of the gut. From my other research it appears that if you believe autoimmune is caused by body reaction to particles getting into the body from the gut, the way to stop the autoimmune is to heal the gut/seal the gut. I truly believe that is what this oil allowed us to do, speed gut healing. This child could only eat five foods, and now can eat almost anything. I hope this helps other people!"

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