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"In my own words - I am, and have always been daddy's girl. His diagnosis was beyond devastating. I was desperate to help my daddy! I am so thankful for the Cannabis Oil Success Stories group and everyone in it. I honesty feel like I have a second family. Thank you, Jon Marsh! Thank you to everyone, for your guidance, knowledge, opinions and your support!! I am still new at all of this, but I honestly believe that the oils are helping tremendously! I also believe chemotherapy and the oils work hand in hand. The oils counter the negative affects of the chemo. My dad did not have any side effects from the chemo and his weight continued to increase despite the toxic chemicals his body was exposed to. I contribute this to the Cannabis Oils. I also contribute the brain results to the Oils as it is scientifically proven that Cannabis has anti-tumor affects, especially on brain tumors. There is also scientific evidence proving Cannabis causes programmed cell death to cancerous cells, thus resulting in not only killing the cancer, but preventing it from spreading. I know my daddy's battle is far from won, but continued progress is OK with me. "

Age / Sex:  60 year old Male

Location: Pennsylvania

"No medications were being taken prior to Cannabis. When he was diagnosed, I immediately started researching and that's when I discovered CBD & THC Oils. I started making the Oil and giving it to him. He began chemo treatments at about same time. He had six sessions of Carboplatin."

Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated With Cannabis Extracts

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"As of March 16, 2017, has gained back about 20 pounds (he initially lost 35). The body scan results show significant shrinkage of ALL tumors. Lung, lymph, liver and spine. The lung tumor went from 8cm at diagnosis, to 2cm. All others are smaller than 2cm. The brain MRI showed NO tumors. They are gone. "

"We started THC Oil and CBD Oil in mid-October. At first, it was about a drop of THC Oil three times a day. Much more CBD Oil, probably one dropper full, three times a day. He is now taking about 18 drops of the THC Oil, three times a day and the CBD Oil- two droppers full, three times a day under the tongue. He started gaining weight within a month. It is imperative to use both THC and CBD Oils. CBD Oil can be bought online. The THC Oil has to be made. Google "How to make THC Oil for cancer". Do not ever think you can purchase the THC Oil online, it's a scam. You MUST make it. It is also important that you DO NOT us Naphtha as a solvent. I use Everclear. In addition, I have him vaping THC Oil at least 2-3 times a day. It's especially helpful with lung cancer."

"I discovered Cannabis through extensive internet research and social media support groups - Cannabis Oil Success Stories!"

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Before Cannabis extracts

"When my dad was diagnosed in September, my family and I were devastated. He's 60 years old, always worked hard, golfed every week, and up until late July, never had any symptoms. In late July, he began having severe headaches. He went to the doctor and had an MRI. That's when they found a brain tumor. He was referred to a neurologist who, after reviewing the MRI, saw a second brain tumor. BOTH tumors we're initially diagnosed as benign. They explained that they would be able to remove one, but not the other. It wasn't imperative though, because it was benign and just something to watch. Within a few weeks, my father had the surgery to remove the one that could be removed. Obviously, my family and I were nervous and scared, but extremely thankful there was no cancer. When the surgery was completed, the neurosurgeon met my family and I in the waiting room. He seemed a bit nervous and looked a little baffled. That's when he explained that he was unable to remove the whole tumor as it had began to attach itself to surrounding tissue and that he now believed this to be cancerous, but not brain cancer. He ordered a full body scan to be done within a week or so. On September 15, 2016, we got that call. He told my dad that they found an 8 inch mass on his lung. The scan also revealed Mets to the lymph node, liver, spine and they also found a third one on the brain. My dad was diagnosed with stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer."

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  • Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer with metastasis to the brain, spine, lymph node and liver

"Charlotte's Web CBD Oil and Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil (FECO)."

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