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About The Medicine(s)

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

Age / Sex:  55 year old Female

​State: California

"I've had both a morphine pump implanted and an electronic stimulated, I used both for two years but neither worked for my pain. "

In Her Own Words

"I suffer from very painful Neuropathy caused by a foot surgery ten years ago. I get very little sleep, can barely walk without losing my balance and the pain is almost constant and it has traveled into my lower back."

Before Cannabis extracts

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

Dosing The Medicine

  • ​Neuropathy

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  • Topical
  • Tincture
  • Cannabis Oil

After Cannabis extracts

"Since starting cannabis I've been getting a lot of relief from the constant pain. Because of my cannabis treatment I've been able to be a little more active and I've been getting a lot more sleep."

  • Topical : As needed throughout the day for pain
  • Tincture : One-quarter full of a dropper several times per day as needed for pain 
  • Cannabis Oil : One grain of rice size at bed time for healing, sleep and pain

Official Diagnosis

"I began learning about using Cannabis Oil for pain and healing from the Facebook group Cannabis Oil Success Stories."

"I'm very grateful for Cannabis Oil, it has given me quite a bit of relief from the almost constant pain caused by neuropathy. Its been many years since I've taken the pharmaceuticals my doctors prescribed, I've just suffered, but I don't have to any longer and my neuropathy is being treated in a healthy way."

Neuropathy Pain Eased By Cannabis Extracts