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Multiple Sclerosis Treated With Cannabis Extracts

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About The Cannabis Medicine(s)

After Cannabis extracts

Before Cannabis extracts

"I found out about Cannabis as medicine from Jack Kungel; he is my official grower and has been making my medicine for nine years."

  • Multiple Sclerosis

"The onset of MS included being bedridden, having dizziness, nausea, 

extreme vertigo, vomiting and developing optic neuritis which left me blind in my right eye."

Age / Sex:   year old Female

Location: Ontario, Canada

"I ingest Cannabis in my smoothie. I vaporize Cannabis. I take Cannabis coconut oil extract, and I take straight Cannabis Oil; the Oil all has been mostly Indica strains, high in THC."

  • Five grams of decarboxylated Cannabis a day
  • Two mil of coconut oil-Cannabis Oil extract
  • One rice-sized dose of concentrated Cannabis Oil daily

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

In Her Own Words

  • NONE

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"I feel fabulous about my health. I am healthy because of Cannabis and a healthy diet and I know Cannabis has changed my life and helped me to stay healthy."

"Life is normal, I function well; it has changed my life."