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Dosing The Cannabis Medicine(s)

In Her Own Words

About This Condition

"I had been dosing with a half of a gram of Cannabis Oil, twice a day, and now prefer a third of a gram, three times a day; a third of a gram dose is easier for me to tolerate."

After Cannabis extracts

  • Multiple Myeloma

"Self made oils; grew my own plants. I have used a variety of plant strains. Dosage has been a gram a day after I worked my way up to that much."

Before Cannabis extracts

"Feeling good."

Multiple Myeloma Treated With Cannabis Extracts

Age / Sex:  69 year old Female

Location: Colorado

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

"I was on chemotherapy and it was wearing me down."

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"Cannabis has most likely kept me alive for the last year and half. Chemo (oral and IV) has just done some real bad stuff to me, along with other complications from getting a flesh eating amoeba in my eye, which ate my cornea (had a transplant). It didn't take, but it is taking FOREVER to get healed. My immune system is not so hot. Chemo has messed with my brain, my gut and my feet, among other things: peripheral neuropathy half way up my calves, gut, candida, brain fog eternally, among other things."

About The Cannabis Medicine(s)

"My son studied agronomy at Purdue. He knows."

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  • Various chemotherapies and bone strengtheners

Official Diagnosis