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"I used concentrated Cannabis Oil during treatment in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation, but only in my last few months of treatment. Ultimately, THC worked better than pure CBD oils, and even then, I did much better with edibles and tinctures. My maintenance regimen now is 20 mg CannaOil around 4 PM, (THC-heavy strains, primarily Indicas, usually at 18% or higher with coconut oil) and tinctures (alcohol-based, I have a glycerin allergy!) another 30 mg before bed. This looks like a teaspoon of oil on my salad at dinner, and half a tablespoon of Oil mixed into whatever before bed. I use tinctures mostly when traveling. These are my products - I grow my own OR swap with others, and I make the tincture and CannaOil myself. I am not a dispensary owner and I don't sell what I make or grow, but I do educate in the community (and hopefully here on Facebook, with what little knowledge I have.) However, I do have a very small personal chef/catering company where I host private dinner parties in legal cities featuring cannabis pairings with dinner (Lemon Haze CannaOil in Lemon Chicken Picatta, for example. Yum!)."

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In Her Own Words

"It's changed my life. Cancer sucks, but I wasn't really living even when I didn't have cancer. I was drinking and working myself out to death and now I feel at peace. I like myself, I like who I've become. I'm an excellent wife, employee, cat mama, daughter, and I was not before Cannabis. I'm also alive! Life is good."

Dosing The Cannabis Medicine(s)

Official Diagnosis

  • Stage IV Melanoma
  • Metastases to brain and lungs
  • Seizures cause by tumors

After Cannabis extracts

About The Cannabis Medicine(s)

Age / Sex:  30 year old Female

Location: Pennsylvania

"Cancer free! I've been in remission for a year and cannabis helped me get there. Arguably more importantly, I also have absolutely zero desire to drink now. What an unintended consequence of cancer, but I'm clean and sober and happier than I've ever been! I was self-medicating with alcohol to control severe anxiety, insomnia, and ADHD. Cannabis has allowed me to get off every single medication I was on before. In fact, I can have a glass of wine at dinner and have absolutely zero desire to continue drinking. I've also joined a new company and have been promoted because I'm a much better employee and leader now."

"During Treatment: When I was not working, I was using high-THC strains. This was about 50 mg of Cannabis Oil daily. The strains that worked best for me included Birthday Cake Kush, GOO, and Monster, primarily because I could consume them in the afternoons/evenings and they helped me wind down and deal with the chemotherapy side effects. If I had a full day off from work I would medicate with a Sativa, usually Sour Diesel (and usually via a glass pipe or a joint, I'm old school!). This could look like closer to 80 mg. For maintenance, I average around 50 mg consumed daily, all through the evening and afternoons. I do not medicate during the day, unless it's a weekend, but even that's quite rare."

  • ADHD Medication [20 mg Adderall twice daily]
  • Anti-Anxiety / Anti-Seizure medications

​              [Klonopin, 2 mg in the AM, 4 mg before bed]

  • SSRI [Prozac, can't remember the dosage]
  • Sleep medication [200 mg Trazadone]

About This Condition

Before Cannabis extracts

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"Fairly poor. I looked physically very healthy, but I was destroying my body with overexercise (I was a marathon runner and Crossfit competitor, but exercising 3+ hours a day on around 1000 calories a day) and alcohol. I was absolutely on the path to alcoholism, and had tried AA. Diagnosed with Von Willebrands Disease, which makes me very anemic and menstrual cycles to be pretty darn awful. I was also on numerous medications for diagnosed anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, "

"I post on a popular health and fitness forum and someone cheekily replied to a comment I made. They encouraged me to do some research into Cannabis during cancer treatments. I thought it was quite ridiculous until I tried it. Both of my parents have now warmed to the idea. My parents: a Christian Preschool Associate Director and a former Federal Agent in Texas preach about how amazing Cannabis is and what it's done for me. Change is coming! It's changed my life, and I'm still here today because of it."

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Stage 4 Melanoma Treated With Cannabis Extracts