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"Headaches, shoulder pain swollen legs, loss of weight, night sweats, chills, fever."

After Cannabis extracts

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"Started with grain of rice size built myself up to a gram a day orally. Eventually doing oil rectally to minimize physic effect."

"Cannabis oil has helped me through surgery, chemo, radiation, and gamma knife for brain tumor which has been reduced to half its size. Plus removal of cancerous lung nodules that were removed with minimal surrounding lung tissue."

"It has given me back hope, weight gain, less pain, better frame of mind."

Official Diagnosis

  • Lung Cancer [Non Small Cell Adenocarcinoma]

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

Before Cannabis extracts

  • None

About This Condition

"I heard it through friends who had experienced cancer and the use of of the oil. I also read up on the Rick Simpson site "Run from the Cure".

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"Indica-based Cannabis Oil and CBD Oil."

Age / Sex:  66 year old Male

Location: New York

Lung Cancer Treated With Cannabis Extracts