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About This Condition

About The Cannabis Medicine(s)

  • Stage 4 Lung Cancer [Non-Small Cell Adenocarcinoma]

Lung Cancer Treated With Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis Oil from "Northern Lights" tested by SC Labs.

Total THC 56.39 % Total CBD 1.28 % Total CBN 0.76 % 

  • Blood thinners [Three, down to two after Cannabis Oil]
  • ​Immunotherapy drug meant to extend life [New]
  • Iron 
  • Opdivo [Quit after Cannabis Oil use and clear CT] 
  • Percocet [Quit during Cannabis Oil use, completely off now] 
  • Vitamin D

Age / Sex:  43 year old Male

Location: Texas

Before Cannabis extracts

Dosing The Cannabis Medicine(s)

In His Own Words

Official Diagnosis

"I started out with 0.1 gram and worked my way up to one gram a day within two to three weeks and continued for about 75 days at that rate."

"I feel great; completely cured. Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Adenocarcinoma, a lung cancer, completely gone. In complete remission; I would call cured. Last two CT scans clear. No tumors. Doctor has never seen success that good. At one time I had big tumors everywhere. Said I had weeks to live at the start of the Cannabis Oil. Now you would never know I had cancer. Absolute miracle Oil."

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

"I definitely feel Cannabis Oil played a huge part in saving my life from an always terminal illness. I believe if I wouldn't have followed through at the time I did that I would not be here to write this. I did a new immunotherapy drug called Opdivo. Started it and Cannabis Oil at the same time. My doctor has only seen Opdivo hold cancer at bay. Mine is completely gone so I feel the Oil played a major role in the cure. People don't normally go from stage 4 lung cancer to completely healthy in 3-4 months and that is my story.

I was diagnosed twice. Two biopsy tests. Multiple pet scans, cat scans, and MRIs. That was a year ago since the original diagnosis, but I've been cancer free now for about 4 months. Diagnosed in November of 2015; I started oil in March 2016. CT scan clear by September, probably gone since July-August 2016. Now two clear CTs."

After Cannabis extracts

"I learned from Rick Simpson [Run from the Cure​ video] and Darren Miller on Facebook who provided me with lots of information. I actually joined Cannabis Oil Success Stories on Facebook after I'd been cured."

"I had very bad health; given two years at best to live. I lost my left leg due to blood clots from late stage cancer. About the time I started on Cannabis Oil I was given weeks to live."

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