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"When I finally started HIV treatment in 2000, (I waited 15 years after diagnosis to start treatment because all of my friends who started treatment died not long after beginning treatment because the drugs were killing us faster than the virus), I was so sick that I couldn't eat, sleep or keep anything on my stomach even if I could get food down. I am 6'3"tall and weighed 115 pounds when I started treatment. Wasting syndrome had set in and my body wasn't accepting any nutrients. My doctor told me and my family that he didn't really have much hope in turning this around because usually you can't recover once wasting syndrome set in. He went on to tell me that there was one thing that had helped others but because we live in Texas he couldn't prescribe it but he thought cannabis might help if I knew where to get it and if I wasn't opposed to it. I was a prison chaplain at the time and he thought I might have a problem with it on religious, ethical or legal grounds. I told him I still knew all of the dealers in the area and I had loved the stuff for years before becoming a chaplain. So, I started smoking again and I started eating and sleeping. My nausea got better so that I could move back into my bed and get off the pallet I slept on next to my toilet because of the vomiting and diarrhea. I started gaining weight and now am up to about 135 pounds and holding. My viral load, which was almost 400,000, went down to less than 40, or what is known as undetectable, and has remained undetectable for years now. All because with the cannabis I could keep my medications down so they could work. Now that I know about the Hepatitis C and that I probably have had it as long as the HIV, I am hoping the cannabis oil will help me knock the Hepatitis C out once and for all in conjunction with the new drug Harvoni. I already have advanced cirrhosis of the liver and I am in hopes that the oil will help my liver get as healthy as possible. I am in the 6th month of Hep C treatment, (I had to stay in treatment 6 months instead of 3 like most people because the treatment with older drugs last year failed), and hope I will beat it for good this time with the FECO and Harvoni."

After Cannabis extracts

"I feel so much better now but is hard to say what it is attributed to. The meds have the HIV under control as does the Harvoni for the Hep C but I attribute my overall better health to this wonderful plant. Without it I truly believe I would be dead now. My doctor told me and my family to get my affairs in order because he hadn't seen many who were as sick as I was turn it around but the cannabis took care of that so I was able to stop puking and shitting, I started eating and sleeping and could keep my meds down, all thanks to cannabis. Oh, I was also able to get off the anxiety and depression medications. I tried Xanax, Prozac, Lorazapam and a few others but hated them. The FECO has helped with that, too, and now I get by without the drugs except in very high-stress situations, like when my brother was dieing, and then I only take  oneLorazapam and it is only 1 milligram."

In His Own Words

Before Cannabis extracts

Diagnosed with HIV in 1986 and Hep C in 2015

Dosing The Medicine

"I just get as much in me as I can each day. I can do about a third of a gram of oil at a time under my tongue but I also do it all the various methods all day and night. I love this stuff!"

Official Diagnosis

"I can't say enough about this plant. I believe it is one of God's greatest gifts to our planet. The more I do the better I feel. I tell everyone about it. I even have my 83 year old parents on board and we are starting them on it for my mom's diabetes and high blood pressure and for my dad's arthritis. "

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

When I started treatment I took a "cocktail" consisting of 3 different HIV medcations. The regimine was horrific because I took a certain nimber of pills in the morning, then another bunch several times throughout the day. I was taking anywhere from 10 -30 pills a day. My regimine kept changing as they came out with all of the new protease inhibitors which worked better, had fewer and milder side effects. As the drugs got better I took fewer and fewer pills each day. Finally I was taking 3 pills twice a day and then 2 pills twice a day and, now, 1 pill once a day. I now take 1 for HIV and one for Hep C before I go to bed at night so that I sleep through the side effects which are very minimal, anyway.

Age / Sex: Male

​Location: Texas

About The Medicine

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Treating HIV & Hepatitis C with Cannabis Extracts

"Mostly all I get where I live is mexican brick. Sometimes I am able to get good material from Colorado or Cali but it is usually so expensive I can't afford it. I smoke cannabis, I take the oil subligually, I keep edibles ans eat them all day long and have just started using raw, decarbed, cannabis sublingually"