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Hairy Cell Leukemia, a form of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, or CLL

In His Own Words

Hairy Cell Leukemia treated successfully with Cannabis

"Energy returned, brain fog gone, eight hours of sleep with a much shorter nap in the late afternoon-not uncommon before the illness, bleeding time is markedly shorter as scabs form quickly, no headaches, much more content and peaceful, ease in living life and dealing with activities of daily living."

Thyroid for low levels of this hormone

"About a half gram a day for two years. The first 18 months, we bought at dispensaries, but his condition was only stable and slightly improved until our crop matured and we made our own. Within 6 months (of using our home grown medicine) his blood was essentially normal with only the platelets low, but no longer dangerously so. He takes a maintenance dose at night."

Before Cannabis extracts

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Dosing The Medicine

"We grew our own, about five different strains including both indica and sativa strains. Tested out at about 60% THC. I recall strains such as Jack Herer, White Widow, ABC, and some others whose names escape me. We also used the Gerson Therapy for an anti cancer diet and lifestyle. We added turmeric milk the last six months, and continuing permanently."

After Cannabis extracts

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"Because the diagnosis was for an incurable form of cancer, we were amply warned that the chemo-cladribine-would fail within ten years, leaving the leukemia harder to treat requiring another round of more cladribine in larger doses and probably another adjunct called ritaximbab-that's not the correct spelling-which prior medical victims reported as extremely unpleasant. This made our decision to forgo their recommendations very easy! He is a Cannabis enthusiast, but did not enjoy the psychological effects of Cannabis Oil and therefore took less than the recommended dose, however, it worked eventually anyway. He has his life back, feels good again and is enjoying life like a normal person. We no longer fear this disease because we know what to do now."

Official Diagnosis

Tired or exhausted mentally with bad brain fog, profuse bleeding from pinpricks, angry, overwhelmed by everything, and a headache 24/7. Slept 12 hours at night and took a two to three hour nap in the late afternoon.

About The Medicine