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In Her Own Words

Age / Sex:  Female

State: Michigan

"I started taking Cannabis Oil just over two years ago. I began taking a half grain of rice size dose of Cannabis Oil made from the strains Blue Dream and Sour Diesel, 

at bedtime, at present, up to four strains in the oil at a full grain of rice size and considering raising again by half grain soon because my thyroid levels and weight have stopped dropping and leveled out again."

"Cannabis oil, properly and safely extracted, is the single most beneficial medicine we have on this planet! It has changed my life for the better, saved my dogs life as well as a few friends pets, and aside from only one person who said they didn't care for it, everyone I know that has used it gets relief not only for what they started taking it for but other things begin to improve too. Examples: one friend, a diabetic, started taking for shoulder and knee pain, her blood sugar became so easily controlled the doctor took her off her cancer causing Januvia and she only needs insulin once in awhile now instead of daily. I started it for pain and my thyroid levels and weight dropped. Another friend with Alzheimer's is regaining her lucidity right before my eyes! Another is successfully shrinking a tumor in his neck! The results are in people, we just need to spread the word! Cannabis cures and improves quality of life in all of it's forms but fully extracted oil is the best & most effective way to get results."

"Aleve was the only pain killer I could tolerate without side effects until it also began to irritate my stomach.

Antidepressants I tried were Celexa, Vybrid, Lexapro, Vimovo, Prozac and Effexor, to name a few. None worked and all made me feel worse in some way.

Synthroid was up to 175 mcg daily and I was on a low dose blood pressure medication for water retention but it caused me to itch badly if exposed to even minimal sunlight and depleted my potassium levels to the point of needing a prescription for a supplement. At one point they also added Ambien because I couldn't wake up during the day but couldn't sleep at night but I only took it for about a month before realizing in order for it to keep working the dose must increase with tolerance and that's when I decided it was time to learn more about cannabis oil."

  • Graves Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Before Cannabis extracts

About The Medicine

Alcohol extracted Cannabis Oil made with the following strains:

Blue Dream / Sour Diesel / White Widow / Super Silver Haze

"I still have bad days but my symptoms are far more manageable. I've lost over 30 lbs without dieting! I'm off all prescription drugs except for an 88 mcg dose of Synthroid that has steadily dropped from 175 mcg since starting oil two years ago. Despite docs telling me I'd be on most of them for life. My joints and muscles only hurt when I exert them instead of right out of bed in the morning and all day and night. When I'm having a reaction to a chemical I use other cannabis products and it lessens the length and intensity of the reaction. I sleep more sound since I take mine at bedtime and that is helping the fatigue a bit now too. And though I still have depression and anxiety I am able to maintain the ups and downs much better with just seeing a counselor and staying on my oil and medibles."

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After Cannabis extracts

Official Diagnosis

Dosing The Medicine

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

Graves Disease No Match For Cannabis Extracts

"With multiple illnesses & medications my symptoms often overlapped and left me struggling to get out of bed every day. I had constant joint pain, especially in my knees, feet and right thumb and wrist, muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders and multiple stress knots in my upper back. The sensitivities I have are to most synthetic scented products and many prescription drugs. If it has a side effect, I'll probably get it. The antidepressants kept me in a constant foggy state, pain killers make me dizzy and cause me to vomit or irritated my stomach causing gastrointestinal pain, even pepsid gave me a three day headache. Colognes & scented products cause severe migraines, nausea, vertigo, confusion, slurred speech, aura causes temporary impaired vision. I was a wreck. Between the pain, exhaustion from living with it and the depression it caused I gained weight that was making all of my symptoms worse. I was up to 198 lbs, miserable and getting worse."