Anti-inflammatories under various brands, a four tablet cocktail compiled by my pharmacist for the migraine - a painkiller, caffeine tablet, anti-spasm tablet and anti-spasmodic. I must say I was terrified of the cocktail and what it could be doing to my body but it took migraine down and I could still go to work did not affect my skill level at work or driving.

  • Cortisone
  • Flixotide [Asthma inhaler still used once per night]
  • Maxalt
  • Myprodol

"I used half a rice grain sized dose of the Cannabis Oil in a small spot of honey and swallowed very quickly with warm water. It was not at all pleasant tasting if it got stuck to my teeth or tongue. I could take it at around 7 PM and still do online work until around 11 -12 PM. I would go to bed and sleep soundly without any groggy side effects in the morning."

Before Cannabis extracts

  • Asthma
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraine 
  • Recently diagnosed with under active thyroid (in fact no T3 or T4 being produced) haemochromatosis (high iron levels in blood apparently an inherited problem and found in one in 200 born or originated from the UK) part of these 2 result in heart palpitations for which I take a natural medicine in drop from I get my homeopath doctor (works well)."

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About The Medicine(s)

In Her Own Words

"I heard of Cannabis for treatment while living and working in London and have for many years been following and researching information on the internet, speaking to other people using it and initially - as mentioned above - read about a woman who treated her dog with it and had success. Then was Rick Simpson, then Charlotte's Web, etc. and of course found the Cannabis Oil Success Stories group on Facebook and asked to join. Love all the information and have recommended people to join too, but whether they have or not, I have no idea. However after reading through what I have written I seem to sound a wreck; 

in fact not so.

I love life, cheerful and always look on the bright side of things. Just returned from seven 

weeks in Portugal helping my son and daughter-in-law with their firstborn. They have bought a small holding and I did loads of cooking, cleaning, gardening (even planting of trees etc ). I certainly just get on with life and love it. Financially I will probably work the rest of my days, as I did not have a good divorce and he seemed to have wrangled all the pension funds and policies but whatever, I have me back again and have been divorced for 13 yrs and loving it. I do not miss being in a relationship, and I have wonderful children and grandchildren and from the divorce, discovered my true friends. Life is good and I do what I can to help others, both human and animal (have even done a couple years anti-poaching of rhino duties in the bush. ) Thank you immensely for your Cannabis Oil Success Stories page - it is excellent."

Dosing The Medicine

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"I have always preferred natural medicines and will always give go the natural path first, however I did not do so once diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was getting more and more depressed about the fact it appeared that everyone thought I was a hypochondriac and that in fact there was nothing wrong with me.

Once the doctor said he was convinced it was fibromyalgia and he had just read about it in the latest medical journal I accepted his prescription for the purpose of being pain-free. It was not totally but it was big help and a relief that I had an answer. From there I decided to do what I could naturally to relieve the symptoms, went to work in London as at the time it appeared to be the capital of 'organic' and offered a much larger range of products; South Africa had barely heard of the term organic. It was in London that I heard of a lady who cured her dog with Cannabis Oil and from their my search started.

My niece's husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and she obtained Oil from a lady (who I believe was stopped from producing the Oil). I was not able to access Cannabis Oil in London and after five years of 'fixing' the fibromyalgia, I came back to South Afric as my medical options here are far better than the National Health Service in the UK. Scans, medicines, change of diet and much experimentation eventually got the word out that I was wanting Cannabis Oil and eventually got a 'contact' was all secretive as it is illegal in South Africa.

It has been the best discovery of all - not only for me but for many others who stopped chemo and have found a source of Cannabis Oil and I would recommend it to anyone - it is at least worth a try BUT it is not a miracle medicine for some a lifestyle change is needed and I do believe diet plays a big part too. I would dearly be able to access the 'right' one that I specifically may need - now have a thyroid and blood pressure problem so in search of a supplier who can advise me what solvent they use or rather use a more healthy method of extraction."

"I cannot provide information - no idea what strain(s) and the supplier was not even able to advise on this. However it helped me a great deal and many people I know about have had success. As it is illegal we cannot really take it anywhere for testing - supplier did advise that he got the Cannabis from Swaziland and Kwazulu (Durban) depending on when and where the South Africa police had been spraying to kill the plants."

"Poor - constant pains between joints, migraine headaches,  insomnia, coughing and shortness of breath."

Age / Sex:  65 year old Female

Location: West Cape, South Africa

Fibromyalgia+ Treated With Cannabis Extracts

Official Diagnosis

‚ÄčCannabis Oil Success Stories

Worldwide Successes Using Cannabis Medicines

"After five years of living in the UK where I could live as organic as is possible, the fibromyalgia came under control; then the migraines and asthma started. After a variety of medications - even cortisone injections into the base of my brain under the skull - I was recommended Cannabis Oil. Not that easy at the time to obtain in South Africa - however after a couple of weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my asthma and about a month later my migraines went from one or two a week to maybe two a month; by the third month no migraines at all.

I continued to take the Cannabis Oil for about two years and then stopped, as I was not sure of what solvent they were using to make the Oil. The consistency of the Oil changed from being like tar, to quite runny. My GP was aware that I was taking it and was impressed with the results. I mentioned the possibility of benzene being the solvent and because I used to leave the lid open it would eventually 'evaporate' and I was left with the tar consistency again he said he doubted the little solvent still present would do much harm. However, I have been off of the Cannabis Oil for about 6 - 9 months and my asthma is still much improved, with huge improvements in my sleep pattern, and no migraines. However, I have experienced regular headaches lately and maybe time to start again but hopefully can find a supplier that will advise the method they use."

After Cannabis extracts