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Official Diagnosis

"Did research for natural cures and kept seeing usage of cannabis healing so joined groups and learned how to make the oil for the dog."

In His Own Words

Dog's Eye Tumor Treated With Cannabis Extracts

  • Cancerous tumor in the eye diagnosed in January of 2016

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

"High THC tincture and high CBD tincture with olive oil used as the carrier."

"I started dosing at 0.1 ml each of THC and CBD 

separately, now up to o.3 ml THC and 0.1 ml."

"Swelling in the eye is almost gone."

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"Being that there was no hope otherwise due to the dogs age (she was 14 when diagnosed and not a candidate for surgery to remove the eye) I feel great that it worked. Dog was swatting at her eye constantly and since use of the oil she is in no more pain. It has also helped with her arthritis."

Age / Sex:  15 year old Male

Location: Hawaii

"Bulging and blood filled eye."

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