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"A very bad tummy, that would either run without stopping or either just get constipation for days without any relief."

Official Diagnosis

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After Cannabis extracts

About The Medicine(s)

Age / Sex:  60 year old Female

Location: South Africa

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Before Cannabis extracts

"Cannabis Oil with unknown potency or knowledge of strains used."

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Crohn's Disease

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

Dosing The Medicine

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"I found out about Cannabis Oil from my General Practitioner."

"I was taking all medications for Crohn's Disease."

"At first I was very scared for the unknown high and addiction, but once I felt the Cannabis Oil working, the fear disappeared."

Crohn's Disease Treated With Cannabis Extracts

"I now have a normal living style."

"I took two doses per day, each the size of a grain of rice, one in the morning and one at night."