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"Much better! My lung capacity went up to 35% in seven months."

  • COPD with 18% Lung capacity

"I believe it has saved my life."

"My breathing was really bad and my lung capacity was very low at 18%."

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COPD Treated With

Cannabis Extracts

"I found information on the website Cannabis for COPD."

"I started off taking a dose for cancer. It was before I joined Cannabis Oil Success Stories. So I have been trying to use less I'm on two rice-sized doses every five hours."

"Details of the Cannabis Oil are not known but I put the Oil in vegetable capsules." 

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  • Antibiotics [as needed]
  • Prednisone
  • Symbicort
  • Ventolin

Official Diagnosis

Age / Sex:  69 year old Female

Location: Michigan