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Medication(s)/Treatment(s) prior to Cannabis

Age / Sex: 83 year old Male

​State: Michigan

Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer

Radiation: Four weeks

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

Official Diagnosis

Dosing The Medicine

"Cannabis Oil Success Stories" on Facebook

"I am happy to report that he is going strong and will turn 84 in three months."

"Most of my knowledge was gleaned from the Facebook group Cannabis Oil Success Stories."

Week 1-2: Half grain of rice sized dose of Cannabis Oil

Week 3-4: Full grain of rice sized dose of Cannabis Oil

Weeks 5-8: One and one half grain of rice sized dose of Cannabis Oil

Weeks 9-25: One full dropper of Cannabis-infused Vegetable Glycerin nightly

Before Cannabis extracts

After Cannabis extracts

"My dad was extremely healthy despite smoking and bad diet."

About The Medicine

"Indica (don't know what strain). We started with Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) for seven weeks and then switched to tincture with vegetable glycerine for four months."

In His Daughter's Own Words

I am reporting on my 81 year young (at the time - he's 83 now) dad who was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. He was told that the best he could hope for was remission after chemo & radiation and he would have to wear an ostomy bag for the remainder of his life. The thought of an ostomy bag was scarier to my dad than dying from cancer. I convinced him to try cannabis oil - he was skeptical but agreed (probably to shut me up!). He used the oil for seven weeks but we never made it to the gram a day dosage. He took more than usual one night and was unable to get to the bathroom which scared him. At that point, he wanted to discontinue usage. I convinced him that we could use tincture which he used nightly for four months. My dad did go through four weeks of radiation. He was schedule for surgery to remove the tumor and I insisted that he be re-staged. The oncologist reluctantly ordered a CT scan and a colonoscopy with the comment that he was 99% sure the radiation did not take care of his cancer (he was unaware that we were using cannabis at that point). There was NO CANCER!! Instead of surgery he had an outpatient procedure to remove the tumor casing!!! My dad is a smoker and his diet is terrible; he thinks eating at Taco Bell is healthy. He didn't change any of his bad habits and still we beat the cancer!

Colorectal Cancer Destroyed,

​Death Sentence Avoided