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"I went through chemo and had trouble with nausea, vomiting and weight loss."

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"No vomiting and I gained my weight back after using one  gram a day for months via home-made suppositories."

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"I used high-CBD varieties to make a coconut oil infusion that had very little THC, then I added Cannabis Oil from Cannabis strains extracted with organic ethanol. I mixed these two oils together and added a little beeswax under low heat (100F), then injected this mix into suppository molds with an oral syringe and froze immediately. I've been taking two a day, since each suppository has half of a gram of THC and a quarter of a gram of CBD."

  • Chemotherapy and anti-nausea medications

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Age / Sex:  43 year old Male

Location: Colorado

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Before Cannabis extracts

Official Diagnosis

"Two suppositories a day for months, in a 2:1 ratio of THC:CBD."

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"I feel unbelievably well, given my prognosis. I've gained my weight back, I'm snowboarding and golfing again, getting back to a normal life with dietary changes."

  • Colon Cancer / Stage 4

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Colon Cancer Treated With Cannabis Extracts