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About The Medicine

"I almost feel normal again! Except for the numbness in my feet. I, and my neurologist, believe that the Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) is somehow keeping my motor nerves from being affected. It has also mitigated the strange messages to my brain. Doing all of the tests including EMG and Nerve Conduction after 9 months of therapeutic and maintenance dosing showed 1 of 4 main neural pathways in my legs getting a little worse, but the 3 others got a little better, and I still have 100% of muscle strength, etc."

CIDP- Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, a rare auto-immune disease closely related to Guillain-Barre syndrome,

considered the chronic counterpart of that acute disease.

"My therapeutic dose, which I have been doing twice a year, for about 2 months each time is: An oral dose in morning of about 1/8 gram FECO and then after work the same dose, and in the evening I do a suppository made of 2/3 gram FECO mixed with 1 gram of Organic Cocoa Butter, and about an hour before bed

I do another oral dose of about 1/4 gram FECO.

​My maintenance dose is doing 3 oral doses a day of about 1/2 my therapeutic oral dose, with no suppository. It took me a couple of months of very slowly upping my dosage every day until I can do what I take without getting a big buzz."

Age / Sex: 62 year old Male

​State: Washington

Dosing The Medicine

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Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) made using the Green Oil Machine and using Everclear as the solvent made from an organically grown Indica strain of cannabis known as "God's Bud". I do long soaks, that are generally high in THC and the secondary cannabinoids and chlorophyll and plant waxes and I hope for the "Entourage Effect".

After Cannabis extracts

Before Cannabis extracts

Official Diagnosis

"My myelin sheaths, which cover my nerve bundles, are being eaten away in my legs and arms by my immune system, which somehow sees them as invaders. It affects my peripheral sensory nerves and is supposely damaging my motor nerves as well. I had strange pain and weird signals being sent to my brain from the messed up nerves in my feet, and the beginnings of some motor loss in both arms and legs. It was difficult to sleep at night as anything that touched my feet sent crazy messages of pain, burning and other strange stuff to my brain. I had muscle weakness, and tingling in my arms and legs and hands and feet; walking at times felt like trying to walk while in water."

In His Own Words

"I am SO THANKFUL for choosing FECO as my meds! I did a LOT of research prior to taking the plunge with FECO. The mainstream choices for treating CIDP are not pretty! During my last visit with my neurologist when talking about meds choices, I asked him if he had my disease and knowing my experiences with FECO, what would he choose for meds? He told me that obviously the FECO seems to be working and it has a LOT less side effects than any of the other mainstream choices, so he would choose FECO, too. I still maintain an excellent quality of life and hope that it keeps working!!!"

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

No medications were being taken prior to Cannabis extracts

CIPD, or Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, relieved with Cannabis Medicines