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"The decision in 2014 to make my wife's medicines was the best thing we've ever done, but it's hard to come up with product every month, even today."

"The infusion was an ounce of Cannabis trim, a cup of Olive oil, and three cups of water on the lowest setting on top of stove for an hour, cooled 15 minutes, strained through cheese cloth into a bowl, and placed in the freezer for 12-14 hours."

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Age / Sex:     year old Female

Location: Kentucky


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Before Cannabis extracts

After Cannabis extracts

"The Olive oil infusion was baked in goodies, two teaspoons taken orally, and rubbed all over the breast. This saturation was done daily for three months and the lump was gone."

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"The breast lump is gone."

Dosing The Medicine

Doctors found a lump in the breast.

Official Diagnosis

Breast Lump Treated With Cannabis Extracts

  • Breast Lump

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