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Age / Sex:  68 year old Female

Location: California

"The choice to use Cannabis Oil was an amazing opportunity to have. I was free to do so in my state where it's legal and I wish I would have known about this medicine before when I was diagnosed. I would never had done chemo and radiation in 2007 nor had a mastectomy. It left me scarred in many ways, and I strongly feel that the chemo made me get sick the second time. The doctors back then didn't even tell me it was Triple Negative, all they would do is call it breast cancer. It was my daughter who researched the specifics about it and told me what little the pharmacy world had to offer and that this was why we just had to try Cannabis Oil. It saved my life. I think I would have died for sure like the doctors told us if I had not done the Oil."

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"I sleep like a baby, I feel healthy. I have energy because I'm always rested. I feel strong. I feel happy and brave. I use Cannabis Oil every night before bed. It's my life now, because it gave me my life back for me and my family. My blood work is perfect. December 17th will be two years of being cancer-free."

"Taken under the tongue and used it topically on my neck as I had very large tumors growing from my collar bone towards the brain stem. Started with a grain of rice, increased to another grain every 4-5 days. I got up to nine grains of rice per night and I felt that it was enough for me. I had a little trouble waking up and it took a little time to get out of bed at first but then I got used to it."

"My daughter began to research everything she could. She kept telling me she couldn't allow me to die. I remember she took a couple weeks off work to research, make call, meet people, to try to find what would possibly let me live longer. She was able to connect with someone that led her to Cannabis Oil Success Storieswhere she was accepted into the group and she read for days and days what other people were saying about the oil. She watched videos and read any articles she could find. It was in COSS she posted what I was diagnosed with and begged for guidance, and dozens and dozens and dozens of people gave her the information to start healing me."

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Treated With Cannabis Extracts

Official Diagnosis

"Cannabis Oil made from the strain Lavender Kush, which tested at 80% THC.  I also mixed some of the Cannabis Oil with coconut oil on my neck at night. Those tumors went away in five weeks so I felt that nine grains of rice worth each night, plus the topical application, was good and working for me."

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

"Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Stage 4 with mets to the neck, left breast, lymph nodes, stomach and lungs. Diagnosed in July 2014 and given two to three months to live. I was told radiation and surgery were impossible because of how far out the cancer had spread."

In Her Own Words

Before Cannabis extracts

"None. I was taking a daily multi vitamin. I had no symptoms of my stage 4 cancer. I had been working full time and feeling great. I felt the lump in my armpit area, thought it was scar tissue from reconstructive surgery. From when I was diagnosed I began Oil three weeks later and chemotherapy two wees after that."

"Good health, no problems with anything between 2008 and 2014. In 2007 the first diagnosis of stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer was made. Treated with chemotherapy, radiation and mastectomy back them. I used nothing as far as medications were involved other than what doctors offered and told me to use. With the new diagnosis in 2014 I only wanted to do the oil and follow the organic and high alkaline diet but the insurance would only cover my scans and blood work if I was being treated by the oncologist doing chemo. I was very mad because I was not given a choice, I felt forced to do chemo to have my progress covered. I began Cannabis Oil two weeks before chemo was to start. My daughter did all the research on the chemo and per the FDA feedback and having gotten feedback from 3 other oncologists working mainly with Triple Negative patients, there was no way that any chemo would shrink or remove the tumors in my body. I began cannabis oil in early August 2014 and began chemo two weeks later. Chemo stopped at the end of December 2014."