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"Given two to four weeks to live, all treatment stopped by doctors. Paralized down his right hand side and unable to speak or walk moved to a Hospice."

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Brain Cancer Treated With Cannabis Extracts

Official Diagnosis

"I feel if we had believed what the doctors had said and not found out about Cannabis Oil, my brother would have died. I truly believe it has helped my brother and cannot believe you are banned from using it in the UK. Cannabis Oil needs to be tried by the hospital as a cure for cancer. He has now moved out of the hospice and gone home."

Dosing The Cannabis Medicine(s)

  • Brain Cancer

"One mil CBD @ 8 AM. One mil CBD @ 4 PM. Half a mil THC 50/50 rectally @ 8 PM. Vaped as much as he wanted daily."

Age / Sex:  45 year old Male

Location: United Kingdom

  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, steroids; medication to stop fits.

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About The Cannabis Medicine(s)

"Searched the internet and youtube."

"He took 0.5 mil 50/50 THC rectally, because oral dosing made him too high. Two mil CBD 30% full spectrum orally, and vapes CBD."

"He is able to talk clearly, move his right hand side, and walk a short distance."