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"Brick Mexican, concentrated oil using Everclear extraction. Tolerated rice size dose twice a day with no problems, he used 1 tblsp coconut oil daily. He has cut back to half a grain size at night since cleared of cancer and with financial concerns."

About The Cannabis Medicine(s)

Official Diagnosis

After Cannabis extracts

"He says it was sent from God; he is a retired preacher and a veteran. He knew the doctor gave up and he prayed, his son and I with little money and in a backward state, provided."

Bowel Cancer Treated With Cannabis Extracts

  • Bowel cancer with mets to liver, spinal bone, suspected brain lining, and lung cancer. He also had kidney failure and Huntington's disease. He had some bowel removed and a couple chemo sessions and was sent home to die Oct 2016. The DC nurse told him to get cannabis. 

Age / Sex: 86 year old Male

Location: Oklahoma

Dosing The Cannabis Medicine(s)

About This Condition

"No sign of cancer, normal kidney function, playful, he smokes a pipe to control tremors He was cleared by scans June 2017; his kidney function improved the first week."

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

"Rice-sized blob on bread twice a day supplemented by coconut oil."

In His Caregivers Own Words

"Sent home to die, unable to eat or care for himself. Hospice assigned"

Before Cannabis extracts

  • The usual VA medications for HTN/cholesterol; they wanted to start dialysis, medications for tremors.

"I am a retired RN and activist in Oklahoma, it is amazing to have done research and witness healings over the past several years. I have other success stories to include my own in due time. Cannabis Oil Success Stories has been an inspiration as I am more than the average nurse "