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"Lulu Fitzgerald" who I believe is an Admin for an online support Group, made it for my family friend who had cancer. I went and watched her do it years ago. When I made the batch recently, a friend I met through Lulu came round to do some of it with me, but I find the whole process pretty simple, and made another batch on my own recently. I'd be happy to help anyone make it."

"I've so far made oil out of three ounces of good quality Cannabis. The Cannabis itself doesn't have a name but it was made by my friend who makes oil for a lot of people and it's top stuff. I used the rice cooker method, after filtering the Cannabis using coffee filters, and then I decarboxylated it and left it in the oven for up to six hours. I then used around the same amount of coconut oil so it was less concentrated."

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"Annoyingly, at the time of making both batches I didn't have scales and I didn't measure the amount of Cannabis Oil I made. I will make sure to have scales for the next time I make the oil. My dad has had big dollops at night (he's basically taken it every night since he started chemo) and I keep trying to get him to have more oil in the day through suppositories, which I think he'll finally start doing soon. He has been hesitant to do so due to having to drive and such during the day, so not wanting to be high. He just takes it orally in the evening - which luckily to this group, I realized is the best way to take it - as I kept wrongly telling him suppositories was the best / most effective way."

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"A couple of years ago I recommended and helped a family friend get Cannabis Oil (made by a friend of mine) - and I think it did help extend his life, although sadly he lost his fight to cancer; he only started taking the oil at a very late stage after over two lots of chemo. It was amazing to hear how he'd had the best sleep in years on it - and that he frequently got the munchies. I've heard about the benefits of using Cannabis Oil for cancer for a long time - at least four years I'd say, and I've always said if anyone in my family got cancer I'd make it straight away. I never thought it would happen to my Dad or someone so close to me - and it was a no brainer - I started organizing it straight away. It's something I actively make sure to tell people about and I hope to raise awareness of its benefits. It's a shame I don't know for a fact that the Oil is what's shrunk my dads tumours so rapidly - but I have a feeling it's helping."

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In His's  Daughter Own Words

  • Bowel cancer that spread to the liver

Bowel Cancer Treated With Cannabis Extracts

Age / Sex:  74 year old Male

Location: London, England

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"Chemotherapy at the same time - which is making him feel like sh**!"

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"After three months of chemo he had his first scan - his tumours have shrunk by a third, and his blood cancer markers had gone down from 400 to 50, which is pretty amazing. Every time he goes back for his chemo the doctors say how happy they are with his blood results. Although unsurprisingly his oncologist 'doesn't agree' with the oil."

"I made the oil for my dad who is 74 and was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the end of July 2016. He had an operation to remove a large tumour from his bowel, and he still has at least three tumours in his liver. He started chemotherapy in August and I made the oil for him and he started that at the same time. Mainly he's been taking big dollops at night - it's decarboxyated oil and super potent, but he enjoys the good night sleep and finally he's willing to administrate it himself, although he still has a few reservations about whether it can actually help - but sees no harm in giving it a go."

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