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"Cannabis Oil extracted with Everclear but the strains of Cannabis were not known, and no lab reports were available."

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Official Diagnosis

Bladder Cancer and COPD Treated With Cannabis Extracts

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Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"Extremely poor health, bladder cancer addressed with chemotherapy treatments every 6-9 month for the last six years but cancer kept returning. Chemotherapy had began making her sick all the time and the doctor told her he would not be able to do chemotherapy anymore so the next step was to remove the bladder.

For the COPD, she was on oxygen 24/7. She couldn't go more than a couple minutes without her oxygen. It was a constant battle keeping her out of the hospital with pneumonia. She had also had back injury over 20 years ago and was on morphine and muscle relaxers."

"She worked up to gram of Cannabis Oil a day and continues to keep taking a daily gram each night."

"She was on morphine, extra-strength muscle relaxers, and a long list of pills; she had pills for everything."

  • Bladder Cancer
  • ​COPD

Age / Sex:  67 year old Female

Location: Colorado

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

"Saved her life, no doubt!"

In Her Caregivers' Own Words

"She got her life back; just got second clear report on the bladder cancer. She no longer uses her oxygen and her O2 levels are around 93%. She has lost over 100 pounds! She no longer uses morphine or muscle relaxers."

"Self-educating through research."

​Cannabis Oil Success Stories

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