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"Both Oils I have makes me very high. I take about one gram a month, maybe a bit more. I take CBD oil at leas two hours away from the THC. I take as much as I can without getting very high, but I am very far from that 60 grams in 90 days​ protocol."

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Official Diagnosis

In Her Own Words

"Basal / Squamous Cell Carcinoma, at the base of tongue. They surgically removed one tumor at the base of the tongue, one cm, and twenty lymph nodes, one infected."

Dosing The Cannabis Medicine(s)

Before Cannabis extracts

"I had a lump under my right jaw, in April 2014. After investigations, the doctor told me it wasn't cancer, it is a virus, the lump will grow for a while, and I have no reasons to be concerned. He reassured me several times, it was not cancer. I was very sick. I start having big digestive problems. I couldn't eat anything. My skin turn yellow-gray and I was constantly very tired. I was sweating during the nights. The lump was not very painful, and not all the time."

About The Cannabis Medicine(s)

"I started taking Cannabis Oil with 80% THC, Indica strain, three days after I got diagnosed. It relaxed me, helped me to sleep, increased my appetite. Cannabis Oil gave me peace of mind, and helped me reconnect with me. This was HUGE. In a few days I began feeling like myself again. No more fears for cancer, for the surgery that had to come. After the surgery, it helped increase my appetite, and help me sleep.

Before Cannabis Oil, emotionally, I was a mess. The Oil put me back on track in days. I am sure, I believe with all my cells the oil heal my body and my mind. Having so many examples arround me, gives me hope. After the surgery I got pancreatitis, and all my internal organs were not functioning properly. I lost 20 pounds in one month. Pancreatitis is not only very painful, but makes you feel like you are gonna die any minute. I started taking Cannabis Oil with 60% CBD. In FOUR hours , my pain was gone, and in one day my nausea was gone. My mind was more relaxed, without having that constant panic state anymore. I started healing but very slow."

"Without Cannabis Oil I wouldn't be here. It gives me peace of mind. I can focus on healing, without fear. It gives me appetite. It healed my pancreatitis. It keeps the cancer cells under control. I will take it my whole life, and I will try to educate people about the benefits."

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

Age / Sex:  57 year old Female

Location: California

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After Cannabis extracts

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

About This Condition

  • Cannabis Oil [Indica] with 80% THC
  • Cannabis Oil with 60% CBD

"A friend, a naturopath from Germany, told me about Cannabis Oil. Later I found Facebook groups to learn more about Cannabis Oil."

"I used to take Sumatriptan for my chronic migraines. Later, I learned my migraines were related to my toxic liver. After the surgery, once I start detoxing my body and doing liver flushes, the migraines disappeared."

Basal / Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Treated With Cannabis Extracts