"When this second kidney failure started I asked my friends on Facebook what to do. ONE friend added me to a secret Cannabis group. There I learned what form of Cannabis to use for my dog, and it worked out perfectly for my dog. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease since six years of age, he's still alive at 14!"

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Inflamed internal organs, kidney failure and an extremely itchy skin condition.

"Zulu was able to reduce the immunosuppressant intake by 70%, and his kidney numbers are within a normal range."

In Her Own Words

Official Diagnosis

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"My dog's veterinarian called me to warn me about Zulu's second kidney failure cause by his autoimmune disease where his skin gets itchy all the time and loses fur. Reducing the immunosuppressant intake to protect his kidneys would mean that he'd get itchy again, and end up inflamming his kidneys again, causing another kidney failure. He was dying. Since I started him on cannabis treatment a year ago, his kidney numbers are back to normal, his appetite and water intake are healthy, was able to reduce the immunosuppressant by 70%, and he sleeps very well."

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Before Cannabis extracts

About The Medicine(s)

"Zulu is my 30 pound Corgi x Eskimo dog. He takes a grain of rice amount of Cannabis Oil three times daily, about a teaspoon of the coconut oil infusion (each batch varies in strength), and a few grams of fresh ground Cannabis leaves."

Age / Sex:  14 year old Male

Location: California

After Cannabis extracts

  • Autoimmune Disease [Sebaceous Adenitis]
  • Kidney Failure
  • ACE inhibitor for kidneys
  • Losartan, Synthoid and Potassium for hypothyroidism 

Canine with Autoimmune Disease  Treated With Cannabis Extracts

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Dosing The Medicine

"I give Zulu a concentrated Cannabis Oil with meals, and 

a Cannabis-infused coconut oil mixture three times a day. He also ate Cannabis leaves for THCA."