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Arthritis / Fatty Tumors In Dog Treated With Cannabis Extracts

"I found out about Cannabis Oil through my son, and then the Internet."

Official Diagnosis

"Luci has a pep to her step. Sleeping through the night. Can navigate steps without assistance. Walking faster. Looks like she is slimming down as well. Too soon to determine size of tumors yet, but to eyeball the areas, it looks like they are a bit smaller. Luci is happy again!"

Age / Sex:  14 year old Female / Dog

Location: Pennsylvania

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

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In Her Own Words

"I should have tried it awhile ago. I originally bought for daughter but while treating her (and almost ready for success story ) I used it on my dog!!"

After Cannabis extracts

"Arthritis and fatty tumors in my 14 year old Lab-mix, Luci."

Before Cannabis extracts

"We were given prescription drugs, which were making Luci very sick. Lots of blood work to check on liver and kidney function. In a lot of pain, anxious and somewhat depressed." 

About The Medicine(s)

  • CBD: 3.24 mgs three times a day
  • THC: 0.50 mgs three times a day 

Rymadil, an anti-inflammatory steroid for animals.

Dosing The Medicine

"A mix of THC and CBD in a coconut oil-based tincture."