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In Her Own Words

Dosing The Medicine

Before Cannabis extracts

"I feel like a whole new person. I didn't realize how much anxiety I had until it was gone. I feel lighter, like the invisible "anxiety" load I carried on my back has been lifted. I feel less stressed, much calmer and I know my spouse and my kids are happy with the changes!"

Official Diagnosis

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"My anxiety is gone. On occasion it pops up here and there but it's much less. No cancer as of yet. Hopefully it stays that way. Side note: I sleep so much better now. I used to wake up at least once a night. My allergies (which I've had for ten plus years) are also gone since starting cannabis."

"Ativan on occasion for anxiety. Doctors are pushing preventative surgeries as a way to avoid cancer."

After Cannabis extracts

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  • Anxiety

Currently at 25 mg CBD and 12 mg THC. I am working my way up to 100 mg; 50 mg of each as that's where my doctor wants me for cancer prevention, but I am going slowly. I take the oils every night."

About The Medicine

Age / Sex: Female

State: California

ACDC (CBD) and OG Kush (THC) from Myriam's Hope

Primary Treatment For Anxiety, Secondary For Cancer Prevention

"I had anxiety about many things. From going to new places to meeting new people. As I got older driving over high bridges would send me into a panic attack. I was always worried my spouse was lying to me and I'd stress over it constantly which put a strain on our relationship. I've learned mechanisms to cope with my anxiety but as I got older, it kept getting worse. I also have a mutation of BRCA I, which means I have an 80% chance of getting cancer by the time I am 60."