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Alzheimer's Sufferer Finding New Life With Cannabis Oil

One grain of rice sized dose once daily; after dinner with dessert. 

"This is not my story but one I'm proud to say I'm responsible for because I educated her caregiver on Cannabis oil. The oil improved the quality of my own life so much I do my best to spread the word everywhere I go. This particular patient has a personal, live in caregiver who made the choice to try it for her and we're both enjoying watching her gradually regain her lucidity a little more each day!"

Before Cannabis extracts

After Cannabis extracts

Sweet trim and small buds from a mixture of:

Blue Dream / Sour Diesel / Super Silver Haze / White Widow.

No lab reports. 

Alcohol extracted.

Official Diagnosis

"First night on oil, sleep was noticeably more peaceful and has been since. Each day that passes she is also noticeably more alert. Eyes stay wide open and she looks around the room and at you when you speak to her or touch her and she makes eye contact regularly now. Still can't speak sentences but is trying to communicate. Will put four or five random words together at a time or make a happy excited run of what sounds like a shrill hum and then followed with the word Yeah and a smile. She hasn't done these things in five years! At her age and considering how advanced the Alzheimer's was when she started, the goal was to at least give her quality. Maybe have her be able to say yes or no or give some indication of her comfort level. We're not there yet but it's only been a little over a month so the outlook is promising."

"Patient in good health other than Alzheimer's, only medications are as needed when a problem arises."

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"96 year old patient basically catatonic. Staring at hands or down at the floor. Hasn't spoken in over five years, makes no eye contact or attempt to communicate. Only noise made is during restless sleep throughout the night. Has to have everything done for her."

  • Alzheimer's

Dosing The Medicine

Age / Sex: 96 year old Female

State: Michigan

About The Medicine