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About The Medicine

"We make our own cannabis oil. We use a strain called Durga Mata 2 which has about 7% CBD / 7% THC. Our formula for the base oil is basically steeping 10 grams of cannabis flowers for every cup of coconut oil for about 4 to 8 hours in very slow heat (crackpot). From this base oil, we add chocolate bars and then pour it into a mold."

Before Cannabis extracts

Dosing The Medicine

Medication(s) prior to Cannabis

"Internet newsgroups, reading a lot, attending free seminars given out by dispensaries and experimenting on myself. When you love somebody, you'll do anything for them."

"Our Cannabis Oil journey started out as an accident. I use Cannabis Oil for my arthritic fingers. We would occasionally use it on my mother's arms which have started to shrivel up due to the stroke. We notice that after a few minutes of rubbing in the Cannabis Oil, her stiff arms would get softer. From then on, we started giving her Cannabis Oil rubs followed by arm stretching daily.

After researching some more, we decided to give her Cannabis Oil orally, in lieu of the medications. We slowly weened her off the medications until all she was getting was Cannabis Oil. Today at age 92, she has started to speak again, although mumbling. From time to time, her words would be accurately clear and in the correct context. She smiles and laughs a lot now, and has good eye contact. Her arms before were locked close to her chest. Now we can move it past the 90 degree angle without the previous pain she encountered.

To date, her daily regiment is taking two Cannabis chocolate candies in the morning with a Cannabis Oil massage, two teaspoons of a slightly stronger Cannabis Oil before bed time to giver the deep sleep she needs. When she

gets agitated mid-day, we give her one or two chocolate candies as needed."

  • Alzheimer's

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After Cannabis extracts

"I'm writing this for my mother. At about age 85, she was diagnosed with dementia and later Alzheimer's. At close to 90, she had a stroke leaving her in a wheelchair and unable to speak. The Alzheimer's medications she got left her unresponsive. She looked stunned, unable to speak and teary eyed. The stroke also left her arms and legs permanently bent."

Alzheimer's Under Control For 

92 Year-Old California Woman

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  • Namenda

Official Diagnosis

"When we started out, there was a lot of push back even from family members. We had one family member who even tried to kill her plants. We got her a license at age 90 just to make sure nobody can say we were putting her in harm's way. Now with her starting to mumble and interact again, the push back has disappeared. There is a lot of ignorance when it comes to this helpful plant. I think the plant has very high anti inflammatory and high anti oxidant properties. Most of the ailments are inflammation and oxidation occurring in the body. Think of the plant as herbal medicine that has been used for thousand of years before it was persecuted by governments bribed by big corporations."

What is Alzheimer's?

How Did You Discover Cannabis Medicines?

"Ten grams (10,000 mg) of Cannabis Oil with 7% THC and 7% CBD will yield 700 milligrams of CBD and 700 milligrams of THC. When mixed into a cup of coconut oil (48 teaspoons per cup), each teaspoon will have 14.6 milligrams of THC and 14.6 milligrams of CBD (700 milligrams divide by 48 teaspoons). I hope my math is correct.

At night, we give my mother about a teaspoon of the coconut oil mix. In the morning, we give her a candy bar the size of a teaspoon . The chocolate bars just giver some variety. We've also observed that a stronger heat when cooking the oil gives more of a sedative effect. For her morning candy, we cook it in a double boiler where temp of the oil hovers about 200 deg F. For her evening oil, we use a direct heat in low setting where the oil temp is about 240 deg F. The night time oil makes her sleepy. I try the oil on myself before giving it to her."

In Her Own Words

Age / Sex: 92 year old Female

​State: California