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"I found out about Cannabis Oil from my son and daughter."

"I am pleased with the results, as I have a scar from the first lesion that was frozen off; no scar from using the CBD Oil . I also use this salve on my neck with arthritis and my hand. I believe it helps with the pain."

After Cannabis extracts

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Age / Sex:  58 year old Female

Location: Pennsylvania

Official Diagnosis

Dosing The Medicine

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"I had one really bad lesion and two that should be watched. The doctor removed one by freezing it. I started putting high CBD Oil on the remaining lesions twice a day and in two weeks they were gone. They raised up and I peeled a layer of skin off every day until the lesions were gone."

Actinic Keratoses Treated With Cannabis Extracts

"No more lesions since they disappeared."

"I applied the CBD salve to the lesions twice a day until they were gone."

"High CBD oil mixed in a salve of olive oil, Vitamin E, and beeswax."

"Actinic Keratoses which is pre-cancer​."